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We are receiving many calls regarding portable and roof mounted dome antennas that are using the Wally receivers.

This problem has now been verified by Dish Network and they are working on a resolution. The problem we are experiencing is the antenna will find satellite but will not load the guide giving you a "acquiring satellite message" If you need a immediate fix you will need to purchase a older model 211K or 211Z which has been fine on these antennas. If you have a Wally receiver and are using a Dish SK1000 Travler antenna you will be fine and should not experience any issues.

Dish has acknowledged and has come up with a walk around that you can try. It may or may not work.

We are seeing problems with the Wally now.  Before trying anything unplug the Wally and reset the cable at the Wally and the Playmaker.
 If it is stuck at 535 acquiring signal. Press the Home button three (3) times or in the case of a 40.0 remote, menu twice.  Arrow down to Dish on the left hand side.  On the top left hand side the switch should say “Mobile.” Below that it will say tuner.  The problem we are seeing is that it automatically chooses “0.”  With your remote select “0,” find 1 and press select again.  Select one again and press select.  Then go down to satellite.  Select the satellite, say 110 and press select. Choose the transponder, this time 16, and press select.  If you have signal it should lock.  If it still does not lock try selecting tuner one (1) another time. If it has signal highlight Test installation and goes through the switch test. 
 If it does not lock, there is little need to run the “Test Installation.” At that point try another RG6 cable directly between the Wally and the Playmaker. 
 If after you have done this and you are still having problems call us back at  18003333474 and they will get you back to the outdoors department.  Any agent in this department can help.
Here at Sats2go we've had some customers perform a complete reset to default settings.
Resetting to Factory Defaults
You can reset your Wally's settings to factory defaults to undo any settings you've changed, except for parental
controls and remote control addresses.
Note: You can't reset your Wally to default settings to discard or reset a parental passcode that you've forgotten—
only a DISH Customer Service representative can do so.
1. Double-press home button
2. Select Settings, then Diagnostics.
3. On the Diagnostics screen that displays, select Tools from the list on the left.
    A warning message displays to confirm that you want to reset your Wally's settings. Select Yes to begin the
    process. Your Wally will reboot before you can resume normal operation.



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