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Attn: DirecTV Customers. More Changes are coming. Do you know what they are and how they will affect you?

DirecTV has announced that in April of 2019 it will discontinue Standard Def programming. Are you ready? We are!!! 

What this means to you is that many of the recievers and some antennas will not be able to receive the new format and that they will be obsolete. DirecTV is sending out non-compatible satellite recievers. This ends up costing the customer more money in the long run, which all can be avoided by using Sats2GO. April 2019 is when DirecTV is saying that the current method of technology will change from MPEG2 to strickly MPEG4. This is a method to basically get more programming from existing equipment. What this means is that older satellite receivers D12 and below and H23 HR22 receivers will not be able to decode the new signal and become obsolete. This also means that satellite antennas that some older than 2013 with a built in tuner may now be obsolete. The locals will be gone and only available from a HD antenna (but still spot beamed in local area only). The 99 and 103 available from a Winegard SWM3 antenna will carry locals and 4K programming and that the HD channels will be moved to the 101 satellite location. How long and the exact date is still to be determined along of what channels will be on the 101 bird but it is on its way. Stay tuned and like us on Facebook for fastest notification. If you have older equipment beat the rush. Once this happens it's possible we will be months behind...

Last year DISH Network® converted most of its satellite signals from QPSK modulation to a more efficient 8PSK format. This upgrade will allow DISH Network to provide additional content and more high definition programming, improving the customer experience. It also back logged us by nearly 30 days.

IMPORTANT! KVH’s latest generation of TracVision products (RV1 and A9)  are fully compatible with 8PSK format. TracVision antenna models prior to RV1 and A9 cannot decode 8PSK signals. Therefore, they will not be able to track DISH Network’s 61.5°W or 129°W satellites when DISH Network upgrades to 8PSK. However, they may still track 110°W and 119°W on alternate transponders. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE CHANGES

DirecTV UPDATE 7/10/2018

Hot of the press. Just recieved this from KVH Sales. 

DirecTV 2019 Changes


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